When the Relationship Gets Serious

Differences in Taste


Couples in love tend to ignore whatever does not mesh with their relationship, but some issues must be addressed when they begin creating a home together. Young people often have it easier because they are not as attached to most of their furnishings, but decorating differences can still throw them off their chosen track. Finding out someone loved and cherished does not feel their favorite chair is an asset can be painful, but fighting by back insulting their partner’s collection of seashells is the wrong way to turn.

Every person has items they cherish, but the reasons might be obscure to their partner. That seashell collection might hold memories of being with a favorite aunt during summer holidays, and that favorite chair could be leftover from the days of studying for impossible finals. Each person will have to find what it takes to stand up for their items without creating controversy when they decorate their new home.

Many younger couples have limited living space, so separate rooms for their cherished objects might not be a possibility. Incorporating them would seem to be the answer, but they might find that is just as difficult. Building a special cabinet for the seashell collection could make it easier to display it without rancor, and reupholstering the favorite chair could blend it with other furnishings in the main room of their shared home. These are the compromises that will work when they run into decorating differences, and they can often be done without resorting to arguments.

Moving in with each other is a large step, and the couple could crash through it if they are not careful of each other’s feelings. Taking the time to find good solutions that allow everyone to have what they really want is important, and it can help make their future a bright and happy one.