How Storage Helps a Relationship

When two people make a commitment to live their lives together, it does not necessarily signify that they appreciate their partner’s taste in furnishings. Each one may see the other as a hoarder of unnecessary junk, or they might feel their partner has left their good taste behind somewhere. Moving in together should be a happy time when couples merge everything in their lives, but arguments about personal items can derail their plans.

Moving is generally a time when people see their possessions in a new light, and cleaning out is often part of the experience. Donating gently worn items to local charity is a way to clear out a home, and tossing mementos that no longer have a significant place in life is a way to move forward. Some people are good at doing this, but others find it a terrifying process. There are ways to help a partner through this process, and storage can be a way to manage cleaning out those unnecessary items gracefully.

Large collections of dolls or sports memorabilia are generally part of a person’s past, and demanding display space in a new home together could keep them from realizing their future. Placing these items in storage is a way to gently let them go, or they can become future treasures when the couple has a large enough home to accommodate their different tastes. This changes their items from a decorating disaster into a future fantasy.

Storage can be expensive, but items that will be there for years do not necessarily need to be local. A couple can take the time to shop around for the best deal, and they will have the opportunity to enjoy one more task together. When the time is right for both of them, they can relish a trip down memory lane together when they visit their storage unit.