When the Relationship Gets Serious

Keeping the Colorful Dishes


Moving in together means making a lot of decisions for a young couple, and those who know them might be surprised at some of their choices. They will tend to keep the best looking furniture, and one of them could have a good set of flatware that will grace their table. For those who see their relationship as a mature one, they might be surprised the couple is keeping the colorful dishes instead of the plain ones that look mature. The couple understands their live together will be set into a pattern once they move, and keeping those dishes could be the symbol that their relationship will remain a fun one.

For many couples, being mature enough to live together means they need to give up the fun in life. They start seeing everything in terms of a lifetime relationship, and their world becomes constricted. Those funky dishes might not seem too mature to others, but they are a symbol of the realization that the relationship will continue to grow in many different ways.

Couples need to see life as being fun when they are with each other, and they will need to keep on their toes if they want their partnership to be successful. Rather than settling down, they should be celebrating their union. They might find that adding a partner to their life means brightening up the colors that surround them. Being mature is not a death sentence, and it should be acknowledged that they need not give up everything they love.

There are couples who will choose the plain set of china over the colorful dishes, and their relationship could still work out well enough to keep them together for a lifetime. For those who need a bit more fun and fantasy in their lives, keeping those dishes could keep their partnership growing for a lifetime.