Modern Working Couples

Moving in together often gives couples more latitude in their living arrangements. If both have good jobs, they can afford a larger home space. It means fewer compromises on keeping valued items, but there are still compromises that will need to be made. He has a beautiful four poster king-size bed, she has a double. If they get a two bedroom space, they can keep both beds. This is one of the few compromises that will be easy. Not all of the compromises will be easy, but they can be worked out.

In the kitchen, he has always been the one to cook. When he got his first apartment, he chose to buy many different plates. She inherited a set of china when she was young from her grandparents. She cannot bear to give up her china, but they don't want to use it for everyday. He is willing to buy new plates, but she loves the fond memories of all the nights he cooked dinner for her. They must find a compromise because both sets of dishes will not fit into the kitchen. The couple decides to buy a china cabinet for the dining area and the issue is solved.

It eventually becomes more difficult to compromise. She has a formal set of living room furniture. He has the world's most comfortable sofa. He doesn't want to give it up because her set is pretty but not good to lounge on during the game. She thinks his sofa is ugly and he doesn't have decent tables to go with it. They must eventually make a compromise such as reupholstering his sofa and getting new tables.

Moving in with each other requires a lot of compromise. It means mixing two styles of furniture and belongings that may be wildly different. Finding out where and how to compromise is a good way to strengthen a relationship and make sure both partners get what they truly want and need.