When the Relationship Gets Serious

Suddenly Sharing Your Life with Someone


Even with the high cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance, owning a personal vehicle is a path to freedom. Knowing it is in the driveway or garage, just waiting to be driven, is an assurance that a person can go where they want at any time. Making a commitment to a relationship might mean sharing a vehicle or a commute, and that can change how a person feels about their significant other. While they want to share everything, they suddenly feel trapped when they have to give up their personal transportation to someone else.

One of the most important things in a relationship is the fact that it is voluntary, and neither person should feel trapped. When a vehicle is suddenly shared, those feelings can arise in mere seconds. They are difficult to define or discuss, but it makes the issue mushroom if it is never aired between the two. There could be comprises that will alleviate the situation.

Finding ways to live with another person is always a challenge, and sharing items can lift it to an Olympic level for some. There are those who have little regard for material items, but others cherish everything they own. When sharing is necessary, giving control to the other person signifies trust that might be lacking. Discussing it does not always help, but silently resenting it will ruin the relationship even faster.

There are always ways to find compromises, and each person should be willing look at how their partner views it. Those who are open to taking an honest look at the situation will be best suited for finding a workable solution, and those who simply deny their partner’s feelings will find their disregard hurts them as well as their significant other. Looking for solutions together is the best way to help the relationship continue to function properly.