When the Relationship Gets Serious

The Value of Compromise


Building a life together may be about reaching mutually agreed upon goals, but the road to attaining them can be a rocky one. Couples suddenly living together might find their differences in taste or future paths could differ more than they imagined. Getting along with each other might become a daily battle, and this is when they should begin to recognize the value of compromise. Many people believe it is about giving in to a partner and making sacrifices, but it can also be about finding unique solutions.

Furniture is often one of the first ways couples realize they might not be completely compatible, yet their differing styles could be an asset. Rather than tossing out everything one person has, combining the best of what both have is a way to decorate a home eclectically. It could be a wonderful opportunity for them to achieve a unique look to the home they now share.

Personal choices of items is not the only area where a couple might find they disagree, and simply choosing colours to paint the walls can be a sticking point. He might want bold colours, but she is into pastels. He could feel light colours make their home look too fussy, but she wants it that way. Compromising could consist of them each choosing a room to decorate in their own way, and then they might consult a professional to come up with alternate choices for the rest of their home. It is a good compromise that makes neither party give up everything they want.

There are many ways to compromise without making one person feel like they have lost everything and resenting a partner. For those who are willing to think about what will best suit them over the years, compromising with their partner can give them a unique style they can both enjoy.